Ghost Ship




1. What is BEŞ KÖŞE?

BEŞ KÖŞE is a new technically improved format of escape rooms.

2. How the game is organized?

You are locked in a room and for escaping you need to discover all its secrets. You have exactly one hour to do this!

3. If we won’t find the way out within an hour?

We’ll get furious tigers into the room. 😉 Don’t worry – our operator will set you free. But to find out the end of the story you need to come once again.

4. How many people should be in a team for the game?

BEŞ KÖŞE escape rooms are designed for a team of 2-4 members.

5. How to take part in a game?

Visit our website – click the quest page from the list – choose suitable date and time – reserve the game. Please come in 5-10 minutes before the game to receive quick instructions.

6. We’ve got 5 (or more) persons, can we play in a one team?

No. Maximum number of players in a room – 4 persons. If you’ve got more participants, we recommend to divide into teams, to hold a competition and then compare the emotions.

7. What is the price per game?

The price of a game is 100-150 TRL. It depends on the number of players in a team, the day of the week and time of the day.

8. Do we need to prepare before the game (read or learn anything)?

No, you don’t need any special knowledge or skills, but logic, attention and teamwork will be useful.

9. What if puzzles are too difficult and we can’t solve them?

It’s not a problem! Use the «HELP» button, ask our operator for a hint and continue to play.

10. Can the game in BEŞ KÖŞE be given as a present?

Yes. You can buy a gift certificate and surprise your loved ones and friends. Call us for details.

11. I didn’t find the answer to my question! What should I do?

Please, contact us in any convenient way and we will help you.